Birthday Parties


          Dance Spree is the perfect low-cost way to celebrate a birthday for kids and adults alike. With great music, friends, and smooth moves, what more could you want?

Three awesome ways to do it:

          #1 - Spontaneous Combirthday: On the week of your birthday, just show up! Invite your friends to come to an already scheduled dance. Arrive as early as possible, preferably prior to the start time, and speak to a manager. You'll be given a table to set up goodies and/or accept gifts and may ask the DJ to play the birthday song of your choice at a specified time, usually during halftime unless otherwise requested.
          Cost: $5 per person          Locations available: Amherst, Greenfield

          #2 - Dance the Year Away: On this special day, make our dance your own. Choose any night on which we have a dance (and give us 30 days' notice). Select your favorite Dance Spree DJ, or the house band - or, if you like, bring your own DJs and musicians! Invite up to 20 guests at no extra cost and pick up to three birthday songs for the DJs to play. Includes a birthday cake from a local bakery.
          Cost: $100 (you + 20 guests)          Locations available: Greenfield
ADD: unlimited guests for $25; live band for $75
          Do the music yourself for a personal flourish! add $20


          #3 - Our Dance, Your Party - The Take-Out Menu: Any time, anywhere, Dance Spree will come to you. Our DJs, indoor/outdoor sound system, and simple 40-year-old unstructured format can pop up at parties big and small. Select your favorite DJ or the house band, choose any date and location, and ta-da! For a truly full-service approach Dance Spree can even supply the venue, food, cake, tent, and more.
          Cost: dependent upon services requested, location, and other factors (minimum: $150)

To inquire call (413)658-7011