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Community Web Interface

This page is a work in progress.
The goal: to create a user-friendly system of intra-community advertising and online interactivity
that will relieve some of the volume on the Community email list.

On this page so far:

  • Discussion forums
  • Ride board
  • Yellow pages
  • Community events calendar

Dance Spree community events calendar

Anyone is welcome to submit events to this calendar. Just email jasper (insert @ if you're human)

POSTING GUIDELINES - same as the community email list
Rule #1 - Dances and events may only be advertised if minimum admission is $10 or less, or if they are advertised as a suggested donation.
Rule #2 - Workshops and retreats may be advertised at any price but must be open to people of both physical sexes and all gender identities.
Rule #3 - You may only post to the calendar if you have attended a Dance Spree dance or event within the past three months.
Rule #4 - Nothing goes on the calendar that is at the same time as Dance Spree.

Dance Spree community discussion forums

In order to reduce the number of emails sent to the Community email list (, and to keep the list focused on announcements and free from discussion and discord, meet the new discussion forums!

Anyone, no matter whether they dance or not, is welcome to create an account and join the forums, which will not be moderated except in cases of harassment and which contain sections for everything from discussion of dance policy to political debate to electronic community meeetings.

To create an account, click here.
The forum hosting service uses their robot filter (reCaptcha) as a way to sell advertising, so it takes a moment or two of patience to get through that, but once your account is set up it all works well. If you have trouble setting up your account, contact jasper (insert @ if you're human)
NOTE: the robot filter is case-sensitive!

If you've already set up your account, click here to log in.

Western MA community ride board by Dance Spree

Click here to offer or request a ride.

Dance Spree community yellow pages

This is a directory in which talented dance-goers may advertise their services.
Anyone who has attended Dance Spree or Drum & Dance within the past three months may choose to be listed here at no cost.
You may also choose to submit an ad no larger than 200x300 pixels for $10 (payable to Dance Spree).

If you haven't danced with us lately (well then, you should), but you believe your services would be of use to the community, you may be listed for a fee of $25/year if you provide a letter of reference from someone who has attended in the past 3 months.

If you wish to list your service, send an email to jasper (insert @ if you're human)
No service may be advertised here if it is not offered to people of both physical sexes and all gender identities.

Housecleaning Mari Jean 2/5/2017
Jewlery (custom) Rhonda Anderson 2/5/2017