On-Demand/Private Events

          After 40 years of community dances, beginning this year Dance Spree is now also available for hire, either to create a public event on-demand in your community or for private events. Dance Spree's various offers could be just right for a private party, high school dance, educational schoolers or home-schoolers' activity, non-traditional worship service, or farm stand festivities - and these are just examples. We are open to your ideas, and we welcome you to contact us with yours to discuss whether what we have to offer would be the best option for whatever you have in mind.

Dance Spree and Drum & Dance on-demand

          Any time, anywhere - Dance Spree will come to you. You bring the crowd, we bring our format, facilitators, and DJs, as well as the house band and our 40 years of tradition and experience. Want to Drum & Dance instead? You bring the drummers and dancers, we bring our cherished and heartwarming flow and a few experienced lead drummers and dancers to facilitate a poppin' night.

          Pressed for time? Not enough volunteers? We will find and book the venue for you, design your publicity, and staff the event. The one thing we can't do is fill the room with your friends...we hope you'll do that part, and should you succeed, they won't be disappointed.

To book us for your event, please call (413)658-7011
and leave a message that includes the date and some information about what you are looking for.

Dance Spree in-a-can  

       Got boogie? We do.
     The simple elements of freestyle dance, passionately experimental DJs, and the intention to dance collectively even when we are physically separate are meaningful and joyous in all kinds of situations. From birthday parties to inaugural balls*, we bring the dance to you. Just add water!

Birthday parties  



     Dance Spree is the perfect low-cost way to celebrate a birthday for kids and adults alike. With great music, friends, and smooth moves, what more could you want?

     Three awesome ways to do it (details & price information)

  • Spontaneous Combirthday (just show up)
  • Dance the Year Away (plan your party at Dance Spree)
  • The Take-Out Menu (plan Dance Spree at your party)

Hire our DJs & musicians  

     Like what you hear? Need music for your party or conference*? Consider hiring a Dance Spree house DJ or improvisational musician for your event!
     View the list of DJs and musicians available for hire

Drum & Dance for school activities  

     Our community Drum & Dance events are great for kids! From end-of-year galas* to in-house field trips to home-schoolers' prom nights, if you have a desire to bring students together in a safe, non-hierarchical activity that uses the lack of instruction to promote physical and emotional self-regulation - or if you just want roof-raising joy - then Drum & Dance should be first on your list.
     More information on our programs for schools & youth groups

Turning your neighborhood drum circle into Drum & Dance

     Technically, anyone can go to a drum circle and dance to the rhythm. Some drum circles even invite dancers, especially belly-dancers, into the center, where they can experience trance-like states from the focused drumming energy.

     The main difference between that and Drum & Dance is that we use the Jimi Two Feathers layout: drummers seated in a wide-angle V formation, facing the dancers. This small shift in position dramatically re-works the room. Dancers move from being consumers of drumming energy to co-creators of a joint, mutually enriching energetic dialogue between lovely beings - dancers, who may choose to drum from time to time; drummers who may occasionally dance, and brave souls who do both at the same time.

     To help with this transition (or to help you just switch it up once), Drum & Dance will bring facilitators versed in the layout and format we use, as well as experienced dancers to help balance out the room. It is always recommended that you invite as many of your own dancer friends as possible in addition to our crew.

Call (413)658-7011 today for a free consultation and price quote!

* Dance Spree will not accept funds raised from entities that do business with Energy Transfer Partners or other groups associated with the dispossession of lands from indigenous people. Not that we expect to be offered any.