The Drum at the End of the Rainbow

Annual Drum & Dance Retreat


2nd Annual Drum & Dance Camp
September 27-30, 2018 (Thursday night thru Sunday),
Camp Timber Trails, Tolland, MA

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Recap - 1st Annual

June 16-18, 2017 - Chesterfield, MA

44 attended as registrants
23 attended as drop-ins

Here's what we did:


  • Arrival & welcoming committee began at around 5:30pm
  • As people arrived, they added to the omnivorous potluck, such that it went on for hours!
  • Drumming and dancing commenced at around 8:15; fire was lit at about 10:00; we played together in thick, mystical fog
  • Camp opening circle at 1:00am, followed by ritual drumming and chanting
  • Night closed at ~2:00am


  • We started bright and early. Breakfast was served at 7:30, and yoga started on time at 8:00am. Wow!
  • The morning workshops were staggered by about 1/2 an hour to accommodate people who slept late
  • Vegetarian lunch was followed by a 2-hour community meeting
  • Drum & Dance themed workshops, very well attended, followed by meat & vegan dinner options
  • We kept a relaxed schedule - plenty of downtime for swimming, napping, and connecting in between activities


  • Drumming and dancing around the fire started at around 9:00pm
  • It was a high-energy night, with a lot of people dropping in for the evening
  • We circled up a little after 10:00, then resumed - the fog started to come back around this time
  • We transitioned, slowly, piece by piece, to ritual drumming and chanting, starting at around 11:30pm
  • After the ritual was over, a small group of us stayed at the fire, chatting and singing until close to dawn!


  • Another fresh morning, with yoga starting at about 8:15am
  • After yoga, we had a contact improv jam opposite a fun & silly rhythm play group
  • Lunch was epic (the amount of food, I mean)
  • About 20 of us gathered for a heartwarming closing circle at around 2:00pm
  • We all ran whistling off into the woods! (well, we drove home.)


  • Breaking Through Resistance (Gabrielli Lachiara)
  • Rhythm & Flow Drumming (Cornell Coley)
  • Moving Nature Mandala (Maya Apfelbaum)
  • Rhythm in the Body (Lani Nahele)
  • Yoga for Everybody (Anjali Rose)
  • Mindful Flow Yoga (Chandra Cantor)
  • Contact Improv Jam (Moti Zemelman)
  • Percussion Bonanza (Glenn Smith)


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