Monthly Sustainers Program

          By popular demand, as of September 2018 Dance Spree has introduced its first ever monthly sustainers program. This program raises needed funds for the dance by allowing committed community members to make automatically recurring monthly donations with their credit or debit cards.

          SUSTAINERS' AGREMENT: There are no direct personal benefits to becoming a sustainer. You do not receive free or discounted admission to any Dance Spree events. Your donation serves to sustain the dance through hard times, gives us the financial resources to try new things and create wonderful community, and helps to keep general admission prices low for everyone.
          It is important to keep in mind, however, that what has always made Dance Spree such a gift to us all is the ability to come together and dance - and this is true today more than ever. Your donation, while appreciated, is not nearly as valuable as you - so if you are considering becoming a sustainer in lieu of attendance, we suggest that you do the opposite (or both).

To become a sustainer, select a level and then click below.

          For more information about the sustainers program, contact Anne at (413)772-1020 or anne (insert @)