Who we are

          Dance Spree is the third oldest freestyle boogie in the world. We are a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization committed to offering each of us the opportunity to free our bodies and minds from the pressures of civilization.




          We are a substance-free and chemical-free dance. This means that alcoholic beverages, smoking, vaping, and all mind/body-altering drugs, legal and illegal, are not allowed to be used or possessed at our dance and that you may not attend if you are under the influence of these substances. While we cannot legally prohibit the possession or use of prescription medications, we ask that you use maximum discretion and take them out of sight if you are required to use them during the dance. The burning of sage is also prohibited. Finally, unnatural and chemical fragrances, conditioners, and body products are expressly prohibited from Dance Spree.

          We welcome all ages, gender identities, spiritualities, and cultures in our community and on the floor. Because bodies were born to move, we believe that Dance Spree is for everyone - if you aren't sure, first-timers are welcome to try it for up to 30 minutes at no charge.

DANCE CONTACT: (413)658-7011
jasper (insert @ if you're human) dancespree.org

What we do

          We dance barefoot, in socks, or indoor shoes; with or without a partner, however we want; no audience or instructor exists to evaluate or correct us. This freedom to express oneself physically is parallelled in few other disciplines and is a limitless, intangible freedom that cannot be prescribed by any lawyer or Constitutional amendment.


          All movement at Dance Spree is freeform, unregulated, and without instruction (except some workshops). There are no limits, requirements, or directives to abide by and you are welcome to dance with any number of people, or none at all!
          In all dances with other people, it is important to gain their consent for whatever form of engagement you desire. Depending on your background this may be verbal, facial, energetic, or meditative, but it is a vital part of maintaining our ability to be free within ourselves.

         Nearly all Dance Spree dances & events are held in handicapped-accessible locations. Persons with all ranges and severities of disabilities are welcome at Dance Spree. You will be treated as equals. Your admission price will be the same, and you are encouraged to ask for any special assistance you need while at the dance. If you are required to attend with an aide, they will be admitted at no charge.

Where we play

          All Dance Spree events (unless otherwise noted) are held at the Episcopal Church of Saints James and Andrew, located at 71 Federal St in downtown Greenfield (MAP). The venue is spacious, gently lit, with smooth wood floors and silent fans; it is also fully handicapped-accessible.

          We dance every Saturday from 7:30-10:00pm (or later!), with some special events beginning earlier. We also host workshops on select Saturdays from 4:00-7:30pm.

          From Federal St, proceed down Church St for about half a block - go past the archway until you come to the second driveway on the right, which leads to the church parking lot. The entrance is on the right as you enter the parking lot. Please note that this door may be locked after 9:30pm; call (413)658-7011 for entry if you encounter this problem.



Our Charitable Endeavors

          In addition to facilitating the free movement of bodies, we also support the First Nations in their struggle for civil rights and environmental protection. In 2017, we raised $1,938.50 for the Water Protector Legal Collective, a  group that provides legal aid to the Standing Rock pipeline resistance movement.

          While that fundraiser has now closed, we still find ways to support water protectors and environmental and social change. Since 2017 we have held fundraisers for We Are the Earth's ResistancePeople's Music Network for Songs of Freedom & Struggle, Together Puerto Rico, and Nonviolent Peaceforce.