Jonathan Byerly

Multimedia musician at Dance Spree




     Jonathan Byerly is a singer, drummer, and saxophonist who uses sound-looping technology to raise an entire orchestra from whole cloth.

     Using a 4-track looper, Jonathan builds rhythms from Afro-Cuban, African, east Indian and east Asian traditions, then adds in his 4-octave voice and distinctly electrified alto sax. Jonathan creates complex, contrapuntal harmony layers that fit together like colors in sonic puzzle. Over this, he sings highly evocative original lyrics and poems by the likes of Pablo Neruda, EE Cummings, and Rumi.

     Jonathan does everything live except for the recorded sounds of birds, frogs, and crickets. He also takes requests and can add in your ideal beat, melody, or lyrics on the floor in real time!

     Jonathan lives in Colrain, where he is a friend and next-door neighbor to DJ Nikos.