Rafael Gell

DJ at Dance Spree since 2019




     Rafael Gell is the youngest DJ ever in Dance Spree's 41-year history. How young? Well, just before his first set at Dance Spree, he spun for his own Bar Mitzvah!

     Rafael is a DJ/Producer who has grown up with music all around him. With both of his parents on tour as rappers and singers, as a baby they immersed him in the music world. At a young age, he started playing hand drums and then the drum kit. Rafael barely ever used electronic devices until he began working with computers at the age of 11, and his musical career was born.

     In September of 2018, Rafael had the first showcase of his self-produced music. That same month, he played some of his music to his family and friends at his Bar Mitzvah. But after he met DJ Nikos at Dance Spree, Rafael really started getting into the whole DJ thing, and with a loan of Nikos's equipment he has excelled at the craft.

     Rafael loves to play Electronic Dance Music and Lo-Fi Hip Hop. He lives in Northfield and spends his summers in Los Angeles, CA.

SoundCloud channel for Soapmaster III (Rafael's old DJ name)