As a community organization, Dance Spree periodically sponsors workshops, seminars, and cultural events in addition to dances. Most of these activities occur on Saturday afternoons and evenings prior to the dance, in the same location. In most cases, admission to the workshop will include free entry for that evening's dance. To have Dance Spree sponsor your workshop, email jasper (insert @ if you're human)



African Dance & Drum

2nd Saturday of every month thru December, 4:00-7:30pm
71 Federal St, Greenfield MA (MAP)
One class: $20, both classes and food: $35
contact jasper (insert @) for work exchange


Ult Mundane / Aisha Russell

DRUM - In this two-hour drumming workshop we will learn a traditional rhythm from Guinea, including the dun-dun parts and a series of solo phrases for the djembe. We will move fairly quickly and will not spend much time on basic technique. You may not master all the material immediately, but no matter what you will grow as a drummer!

           Ult Mundane has been studying traditional West African drumming for over fifteen years. Ult has learned from world-renowned teachers such as Famoudou Konate and Mamady Keita, and since 2010 he has studied with Namory Keita, a master drummer from Guinea who now lives in Maine.

DANCE - Travel Africa without your passport and get a taste of different dance styles and music from the continent. Kukuwa African Dance is a class where you move your arms, waist, legs, and hips to a blend of Central, East, South, West, and North African rhythms. Kukuwa begins with a warmup and takes you through a fun series of African songs and movements. Anyone may jump in at any moment and feel welcomed into the dance. Throughout the class there are opportunities for repetitive movement, freestyling, and adding your own expression to the dances.

          Aisha Russell has a background in Latin, Afro-Caribbean, Bollywood Fusion, and Middle Eastern belly dance. Aisha lives in Greenfield and teaches at Karen's Dance Studio.



Freedom & Struggle Song Swap
a gathering of the People's Music Network

4th Saturday of each month, 5:00-7:30pm
**November event moved to 11/16**
71 Federal St, Greenfield MA (MAP)
Suggested donation: $5-$10
- no one turned away for lack of funds



          A place for all to sing! All ages, all talent levels welcome. Bring your own original songs, copies of Rise Up Singing, deep curiosity, your friends and family, and some food for pot luck.
          We'll go around in a circle, and as we do, each of us may choose to sing, request a song, or pass. Spoken word is also encouraged. All participants in the song swap get free admission to that night's dance, and one contributor to the swap may be selected to offer a live music warm-up to dancers.

          The People’s Music Network for Songs of Freedom & Struggle is a diverse community of singers, artists, activists and allies that cultivates music and cultural work as catalysts for a just and peaceful world.

October 26 with Mike Glick & Lindsey Wilson
November 16 with Paul Kaplan
December 28 with Seth Handelman


Decolonizing Our Minds
with Rakia Chandler & Building Bridges

Saturday, November 30, 4:00-6:30pm
71 Federal St, Greenfield MA (MAP)

Details coming soon!