The Drum at the End of the Rainbow

2018 Workshop Descriptions


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Friday, September 28 - 9:00am-5:00pm

          Over the course of a day, we will dive deep into a traditional rhythm from Guinea, West Africa. We will learn to play all the parts of the melody made by three dunduns (two-headed drums played with sticks). We'll also learn traditional variations for the dundun parts, and a series of djembe solo phrases associated with the rhythm. Dunduns will be provided; please bring your own djembe if you're interested in learning solo phrases. Time permitting, we will also develop a composition, including an intro and an echauffement. This workshop is ideally suited for those who have some experience playing traditional rhythms; beginners are welcome and will also benefit, but would not be expected to master all the parts in a single day.

           Ult Mundane has been studying traditional West African drumming for over fifteen years. Ult has learned from world-renowned teachers such as Famoudou Konate and Mamady Keita, and since 2010 he has studied with Namory Keita, a master drummer from Guinea who now lives in Maine. Ult comes to us from Temple, NH.


Workshops - 1st period
Saturday, September 29 - 10:00am-noon

with Maya Apfelbaum

     In this moving meditation we will connect with the Earth, ourselves, and each other; spirit and psyche.


     Maya Apfelbaum leads embodied and environmental programs and freelances as a performer, director, and visual artist.

with Judith Reichsman

     In an InterPlay class, we play in the same ways we did as kids: shifting in the moment, discovering new ideas as we shift, laughing, crying, being serious, being hilarious, etc.
     Judith Reichsman loves dancing, singing, and storytelling. When she found InterPlay, Judith discovered that her dancing deepened when her moving and speaking became friends.

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Workshops - 2nd period
Saturday, September 29 - 4:00pm-6:00pm

with Cornell Coley

     This workshop is an opportunity for creative expression on drums that is grounded in traditional rhythms from the Caribbean, Brazil, and West Africa. Something for everyone from beginner to Advanced.

      Cornell Coley, M.Ed. is an award-winning drummer, dancer, teacher, and public performance artist. He recently received a public performance artist residency with the Design Center for Social Intervention.

with Catherine Williams

     In this class we will learn seven folk dances from around the globe. In the process, you may even pick up a few words of another language. What role does traditional dance play in a culture? How can people of different cultures communicate through dance?

     Catherine Williams has been teaching and choreographing for over twenty years, working with a wide range of ages and abilities, and in many different styles of dance.

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Lightly facilitated activites - 3rd period
Sunday, September 30 - 10:00am-noon

with Mieke Geffen

     A percussive playshop with lots of instruments, some games, and no pressure. The facilitation will be partly informed by Mieke's participation in Aurther Hull's playshop.

      Mieke Geffen has lots of fun drumming! Mieke drums for the fun of it, from rainbow gatherings to Dance New England to her local senior center.

with Glenn Smith

     A participatory journey, using our voices to create a sound never to be heard again ... we play with structures, using basic improvisation - short phrases, tones, rhythms - to build a more complex layered group sound.

      Glenn has performed for audiences at theatrical performances, dance jams, cafes, yoga classes, raves, art openings, and schools since the 1990's. Glenn also leads participatory vocal circles in schools and community settings.