Ecstatic Dancing @ Dance Spree


All ages, freestyle, barefoot (or non-street shoes). Talented & creative DJs play a variety of music: Trance, Worldbeat, Hip Hop, Soul, Tech and more!

Friday Ecstatic Dancing: 9-midnight.The fee is $10 ($5 for students)

First Friday's of each month is a dance called Pollinate. Admission is $15. ( for more info check out their facebook page)

Free: sit at door for 30 min.

We are located on the fourth floor of the Fitzwilly's building in the NEA Dance Studio, at 25 Main Street, in downtown Northampton, to the left of the Fitzwilly's Restaurant.

There are scent sensitive people, so we ask that you be free of strong chemical scents ie: colonge, perfume and cigarette smoke.

Children of all ages are welcome at the dance. Young children...please bring an adult.

The Friday Night Dances are a special place for you to explore improvosational movement by yourself & with others! People find it very liberating and fun! We work hard to make it a safe & enoyable space where magical things can happen.

We are part of Dance New England, and our community overlaps substantially with local arts and other dance networks.

Please let us know if you"d like to be part of creating the dance!

Chrissi and Heather

Consider joining the Dance Spree Community Announcements list. Once you have joined, you will receive announcements about events of interest to the community posted by people who attend the dance. You can also post your own announcement about workshops, classes, trips, and other events of interest, that are not held on a Friday night.
Please visit our facebook page!

Gift cards now available!

If you have questions, concerns, or comments - :) send us a message